Tuition is one yearly amount, based on scheduled open school days, divided into 10 equal payments. 

Rates increase yearly, and tuition changes will be posted for each upcoming school year in the winter preceding the next school year.   

Tuition below is due monthly, on the 1st of each month from August 1 through May 1 of each school year. The tuition below represents the 2021-22 school year. The full day program is flexible, so you may drop off anytime after 7am and pickup anytime until 6pm. 

DAYS/WEEK    9AM-1PM          8:30AM-3PM         7:00AM-6:00PM

                     Preschool I        Preschool II        Full Day Program

3            $425/month      $580/month      $760/month

4            $525/month      $725/month      $950/month

5            $625/month      $825/month      $1075/month

Early Drop Off (7am - 9am) can be added to the above tuition for Preschool I or Preschool II for a $225/month, flat fee. 

* 2 days may be added to another schedule, for example, 2 half days and 3 full days, but we do not enroll for 2 days only. Please email Director for tuition. 

Current Rates

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Preschool Classes



At Jake’s Place we take a child’s view of learning seriously. We include each child’s individual interests in our plans for the day, to ensure the greatest amount of learning and enjoyment occurs. Our curriculum enables children to develop positive attitudes about themselves as they learn daily routines, master new skills, expand interests, and participate in planning and decision-making. Learning activities and experiences are provided in a stimulating, creative atmosphere designed to encourage curiosity, exploration, and discovery. Our materials, group time, and free choice time allow children to learn and explore in their own way, at their own pace. This includes the daily use of: 

• Manipulatives such as peg boards, beads, Legos, blocks and puzzles 

• Dramatic play, dolls, kitchen area, work bench and more….
• A wide variety of toys and board games, both for individual and class use 

• Structured art projects and unstructured free choice options throughout the day
• Books and story time, read aloud in groups and on their own
• Science experiments and themed enrichment activities coordinated with art projects, books and songs
• Sand and water play, both inside and outside and with a sensory table
• Music and movement, dance, physical education, and playground time daily
•  Instructional games, and activities


We include fine motor and gross motor activities daily. We encourage the use of manipulatives, which aid the children when learning to write as well as reinforce cognitive development. Our puzzle time helps with hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Development of social skills happens throughout the day, with teacher initiated activities, snack and meal times, games and projects, and classroom jobs. Circle time is also a time that enriches the children’s social skills and expands their attention span. Here we come together as a group, where we talk, dance, laugh, and sing as we learn about the calendar, the days of the week, and the weather.
At Jake’s Place we encourage mutual respect for people’s feelings and belongings. Children come to learn as individuals and learn to play as part of a cooperative group. This is how we feel they best discover themselves and develop as warm and caring people. Our students leave us for further education in elementary school as independent thinkers who are creative, capable, and confident in their abilities. We think you will agree this is a safe and warm environment for you to send your child. 

Children are divided into one of four classes based on their age at the start of the school year in September. 

Our four classes (Teams) are:

The Yellow Team: 2.6-3
The Green Team: 3-3.8
The Red Team: 3.9 +
The Blue Team: 4+

Children enrolled in preschool for three years go through three of the four Teams before graduating to Kindergarten. 

If children are enrolled for one or two years, they are placed on a team based on their age when they start, as well as the specific enrollment options for that year and the makeup of the class that year.

About Our Staff - Our staff is highly experienced, Dept of EEC qualified, First Aid and CPR certified, and full of the creative energy needed to provide a fun and educational environment for every child. Our preschool program is open to children aged 2.6 - 6 years. We provide a great combination of curriculum based education and creative fun and play, while offering your child a comfortable atmosphere where your child's needs come first.